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- Said 361 through stereoscopic and international marketing
- exhibition, dressed again China International clothing
- to replace. Repeated dry after brushing with a brush
- sole, also known as insulating soles. Long wear sneakers
- Need quick stop, lateral movement on the Court

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  Need quick stop, lateral movement on the Court Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Market appeal has not yet appeared. So even though Nike Air Force and later, the Air Jordan series of these amazing products, but with Byrd and Johnson's unparalleled market appeal, converse's products in the 80 's for a long time remained popular. Precisely because of this reason, Converse product is still in the 90 's slow development, technology development is leisurely. Converse real launch can compete with Nike Air React "oil pad" technology was the early 90 's. Name you can think of, this Nike Air sam cheap nike blazerse, but switched to liquid gas, a new package. React converse Improve a grade, but this technology is not perfect, "oil pad" easily broken, although early Nike air cushion also had similar problems, but Nike finally has found a way, converse has been is not a good solution to this problem, this is converse's Achilles. The late 90 's, converse launched a "helium air" technology remains the renewal of Nike air cushion design ideas, but the effect is still not good. Throughout the 90 's, converse has been followed in the NBA-leading strategic play with Nike, and developed entirely by Nike restriction results in the wrong way as far gone as shock absorption to protect your bones and joints. Tennis, volleyball and basketball player Need quick stop, lateral movement on the Court and swiftly runs, so sneaker designed for that purpose. Suffer on nike blazer lux trainers the Court of "abuse". Pick a pair of thick soles, good friction of shoes is your number one choice. Versatile sneaker features different sneakers together, so they can participate in multiple sports. Multifunction shoes with flexible soles designed for the running segment, plus aerobics or tennis

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 sole, also known as insulating soles. Long wear sneakers Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Fabric textures, 1 shoe insole. End of 2.PU: Besides PHYLON midsole and EVA insole, PU midsole is also common, nike blazer mid twistPU midsole is the biggest advantage of flexibility and toughness was better. 3. bottom: now a lot of sneakers with internal midsole structure, also called end of package. III. sole insole, and monolithic: 1. Insole: insole can also end of acid in a form, and package difference is at the end of, the insole structure is wrapped in the bottom of the shoe sole with, say, FORCE1, even within the structure at the end of, but don't like the appearance as seen by the whole rubber sole , In fact, is coated on the inside of the rubber sole shoe insole, also known as the end of the end of MD, belonging to EVA foam. 2. one-piece soles: (1) the whole sole of the most common is EVA foam molding soles, the sole end of cost, and slip resistant and poor soles after a dip into the water seems to be wearing roller skates. (2) PU soles as a whole: ADI soles and NIKE to use this when they are not extensive, belongs to the low-temperature molding PU soles soles. End of PU is characterized by light, but not wet, encounter happens when water Corrosion layers by chemical reactions. (3) solid rubber outsole: solid rubber sole for outdoor hiking boots or work shoes, electric shoe. Whole sole out-and-out rubber composition, advantages of wear-resistant anti-slip, disadvantage is weight loss is too large. nike blazer mid CAT work boots are generally the sole, also known as insulating soles. Long wear sneakers have what are the disadvantages of sports shoes or sneakers are a non-flat shoes. It cannot guarantee that the body weight is distributed equally on all feet, can't make the body's muscles, ligaments, bones and spine to keep proper position and working conditions. Young people wear sneakers or shoes after the gravity changes, uneven distribution of foot force appears, will affect the cake. Long period

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 to replace. Repeated dry after brushing with a brush Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Clean the uppers, be dry, then use a shellac dissolved in alcohol and mix in with a solution of 10 applied once again and leave again after doing a shoe Polish, to avoid the upper large fade. E, white and pastel leather shoe stains wipe out: treatment methods: after the red shoes get dirty, available with rubber or plastic Eraser wiped in addition to dirt, then wipe with a soft cloth Pi Mo. Tooth brush can also be used in addition to s nike cortez trainers uk tains, wipe can be coated with milk. Or it can be less mass at a little red shoe Polish or shiny Polish; pastel shoes get dirty, smelly Jiao Pica to smear, maybe with lemon juice and scrub at the stain on the upper, then hit this leather color similar to that of Polish or translucent colorless shoe Polish. F, maintain skin shoe upper leather Hard way: Gaga is important to leather grease. Apart from playing outside the shoe Polish, also can lower the texture rubbing some vegetable oil, vegetable oil, and so on. Use glycerol or pork lard, chicken oil liniment shoe surface, wipe with a soft cloth from the later may adhere to the upper oil run. Or with a soft cloth wrapped in smooth or walnuts in butter, peanut rolled up, drain oil, then erased on the uppers, Daphne, allows the upper hard light. G, shoe leather, small cracks, which built up: shoes shoe upper leather if there were no cracks in alert to be scratched by hard objects, realtime patch. Built up a way: first scratched the dirt with a soft cloth to wipe clean, then muddy evenly coated eggs in cracks, such as Kai Go of epidermal, dang take eggs Qing has dry Shi for better rotation and fell pressure really bonding, let it drying do, makes its constitute film blocked crack; with City Road party Shang sold of "stick have prison" rubber, average to coated in crack heart of both, power very class stay glue do Hou again will mouth son for full bonding; in crack relicnike lunar blazer ukDepartment coated has wax, with irons hot flat, coated Shang with color of leather wipe light pulp, also available eggs Hun infiltrated pigment grind mill into slurry on behalf of, last hit shoes oil, will can restored recovery has light. Chen h, wear shoes color change of building new approach: introductory 50% concentrations of wine with a soft cloth moistened with rough, clean the dirt on the shoes, leather Polish paste brush again with the same color uniform (no smoothing of slurry, muddy ground available egg or Zhu made with gouache paint pigment transfer paste to replace. Repeated dry after brushing with a brush, then use formalin

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 exhibition, dressed again China International clothing Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Sporting complains of 361 companies producing enterprises of domestic famous sports, wrote in the complaint to the company, after years of market development, widespread use and publicity, has become the sports shoes, clothing, socks and other leading brands in sporting field. Because of the plaintiff's trademark has higher market reputati nike sb eric koston 2 ukon, product quality has a very high reputation, its products are in short supply in the market, appeared on the market a lot of behavior of the plaintiff's trademark counterfeiting. In June 2011, the 361 companies find big supermarkets in jiaozuo (development site information), sixth, 13 stores such as supermarkets, stores selling "361 " logo shoes, shirts and other products. The public He considers shopping mall, supermarket sales Act has violated the plaintiff's exclusive right to use a registered trademark, and caused large economic losses, to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, to the jiaozuo city intermediate people's court proceedings. It is understood that this is the first trademark infringement cases before thnike suketo mid uke intermediate people's Court in jiaozuo, which involve more than within the counties of jiaozuo city zone in shopping malls, supermarkets, and involved a wide range of influence, the leaders attach great importance to 361 is currently already arrange relevant information and evidence provided by the company have been reviewed and incorporated. Zan () 361 children's wear debut international clothing and accessories fair again in recent days, the 20th China International clothing and accessories fair (CHIC) at the Beijing China International Exhibition Center (new) opened. 361 children's clothes after two previous successful exhibition, dressed again China International clothing Exposition. After two years fast and sound of development, 361 kids insisted "let children more health, and happy of growth, let kids more comfort, and more close to modern children growth" of mission and responsibility, adhering to love concept, in research children childhood life form and inside desire of based Shang, combines "more once love, more a copies future" of brand spirit, to General parents and children passed 361 kids "future, and vitality, and hopes, and brilliant" of brand trait. In the product development and design, 361 kids always adhere to the "color" the basic starting point of contrast styles for product design, integration of international fas

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 Said 361 through stereoscopic and international marketing Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Reports of quality, high-performance equipment, but also for the Chinese national team, many Olympic delegatio cheap nike air force 1 low n to provide professional equipment to give full effect to 361 , as a part of the Chinese sports mission. "Ding Wuhao said. Although the Chinese sporting goods market is subject to inventory, sales and weak marketing bottlenecks, but from China sporting goods Federation data showed that Chinese sporting goods market worth in the billions of dollars or more, indicating that the Chinese market The potential is enormous. So, how do you break through the bottleneck of Chinese sporting goods market? "On thcheap nike lunar force 1e branding and marketing should follow a path of stereoscopic depth. 361 2012 Asian beach games to be held in June this year sponsored sporting events such as this is the purpose of, events like this are a niche market, representatives of sport and leisure, fashion. Through these activities, people deepen the 361 brand awareness and a sense of closeness, and let more people enjoy sports, dissemination of 361 ' loving ' concept. "Zhu Chenye Said 361 through stereoscopic and international marketing tools, carry forward the spirit of the brand, expand market sales. Indeed, the 361 , unlike many businesses keen on money, celebrity endorsements, sponsorship, supporting major sporting events. In recent years, 361 with major sporting events in a row, from the Asian Games, the Universiade to Marathon, the Super League and so on, to focus international attention, a matter of concern. As a national sporting goods brands, 361 sports marketing over the years had put "361" enthusiasm, through sustained and sports marketing, and constantly improve our brand

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